Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

The Matrix-Q Impact-Journey

An International Online Start-Ups Competition

to foster multidisciplinary R&D innovation and entrepreneurship

Matrix-Q Impact Journey

  • The Matrix-Q Impact Journey is a competition dedicated to level-up the holistic-strategic management and social-impact capacity of entrepreneurs (start-ups)
  • From ideation to investment ready
  • With 9 categories and 9 programs
  • The Matrix-Q Impact-Journey gives to start-ups the momentum necessary to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • Prizes from 243,00 EUR to 90.000,00 EUR for the winners, provided in the form of consultancy services, digitalization, prototyping, or training provided within our digital platform for capacity building
  • An international competition where everybody wins, from impact-agents, to social-entrepreneurs and organisations that aim to do their first steps (or reach the next level) towards social responsibility, circularity, sustainable living or climate proof business.

With a digital platform for capacity building

We measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity & start-up team performance

  • Assisted by A.I. Engine
  • Data-driven reports (metrics) on human-capital capacity and performance
  • Risk management and optimisation of the investment in human capital
  • Quantification of human capital value (valuation reports) for investors

By Participating in the Matrix-Q Impact Journey you will learn how to utilize Human-Metrics (Data-driven Human Capacity Valuation) and create data and reports useful for the human-capital valuation of your company.


With every challenge you conquer, tasks you complete you receive points, tokens, you can trade for services and products, resources and capital you can use for your own start-up.


In order to join the competition you need to choose from one of the following alternatives, AND successfully pass the preselection process

Alternative #03 REGISTER AT ANY TIME

Registration Fees

The Matrix-Q Impact Journey Competition takes place 4 times per year. You can join it any time without any additional condition, by paying a one-time registration fee of 97,00 EUR (Included VAT)

The registration fee will includes:

  • A preselection process (you need to qualify for the competition)
  • Matrix-Q Essentials Program for Holistic Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
    • Included: MindSet Assessment, Impact Pre-Assessment, Tailor-made micro-workshop, Masterclass, scheduled within 4 weeks.
    • The Matrix-Q Essentials program will help you craft the documents you need to qualify for the competition.


Human Connection, Experience, Impact

Complete at least 3 months active membership, at the Matrix-Q Community, and you will be welcome to the Matrix-Q Impact Journey competition free of charge.

At the Matrix-Q Community you can take courses online, participate in think-tanks,  play games, engage to contribute with the ecosystem, create a positive impact by supporting a cause, volunteer, and much more.

At the Matrix-Q Community you earn also points and tokens you may use later to trade for consultancy services and training programs.

From 5 hours/month, to 81 hours within 3 months.

Please contact us for more details


Matrix-Q Capacity Building Program

After completion of any of the below listed programs for start-ups and entrepreneurs you are welcome to join the Matrix-Q Impact Journey free of charge.

  • From 5 hours to 9 months start-up capacity building programs
    • Matrix-Q Essentials for Holistic Strategic Management (Coaching, workshop, masterclass, 5 hours scheduled within 4 weeks) tailor-made, individual.
    • Study Circle (9 modules training, coaching, e-learning, scheduled within 9 months, small circles of 3 to 9 attendees)
    • BootCamps (Human Competences, leadership, holistic strategic management, entrepreneurship, social-impact) from 1 full day to 9 full days scheduled within 3 months
    • Incubation Program (Ideation, creativity, entrepreneurship, holistic strategic management) for business projects active less than 2 years. (3 modules, scheduled within 3 months)
    • Multidisciplinary Innovation, digitalisation, prototyping (3-9 modules, scheduled within 309 months)
    • Acceleration Program, for business projects active more than 2 years, ready to scale up (6 modules, scheduled within 6 months)
    • Start-Up Visa Mentorship Program, for innovators-entrepreneurs that want to establish a business in the Netherlands (3 modules, scheduled within 3 months)
    • Transition Program, for businesses already in the market for more than 5 or 10 years, that now aim to transition to a circular economy, SDG’s compliance, corporate responsibility or social impact. (9 modules, scheduled within 9 months)
    • Business valuation challenge (human metrics, access to market, revenue generation, assets). Investment ready program. Qualify for investors and business angels attention (3 modules, scheduled within 3-6+ months)
    • Matrix-Q Label Program to use or fully integrate in your company Matrix-Q Licenses, certificates, standard, application (technology) (6-9 modules, scheduled within 9 months)

Please contact us for more information

GET TOKENS & Join our programs free of charge

When you complete training units, attend to events, participate and contribute you earn points and tokens

Matrix-Q Tokens you can trade for service, products or capacity building programs

For example. If you joined a Matrix-Q Capacity Building Program and completed all the tasks and activities suggested, you will receive Matrix-Q Tokens. 

Once you earned enough tokens you could join the next Matrix-Q Capacity Building program free of charge.

You receive more from your engagement in your own success.